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Band Biographies

Jes Psaila

Jes Psaila, started learning classical guitar at the age of nine and joined the first rock band at fifteen to eventually form Avatar, a five-piece instumental prog rock inspired band.

Over the years he was involved in a number of ensembles with styles varying from pop rock to alternative together with compositions and performances for theatre productions.

In 2014 he released his first solo album followed by the video recording of DUOs, a live performance in 2017, featuring an array of guitar sounds and percussive instruments. During these years he also recorded with other bands namely CUSP, Chizil and the Manuel Pulis Project all of which produced original material. He is currently heading The Hinge Project which had their first release in October 2021 and a second album Causatum in April 2024, both comprised of his compositions
Luke Briffa

Luke Briffa is a full time performer/educator currently based in Malta. The artist has majored in percussion/music in Malta and obtained his Drum kit studies in Holland and the USA.

During his time spent abroad, Luke had the opportunity to study and take classes with a number of world renowned drummers such as John Riley, Bill Stewart, Dave Dicenso (Berklee), Steve Priutt (UNT), Pierro Borri, Steve Clover, Joost Kesselaar, Quincy Davis (UNT) amongst others.

Luke has worked as a session musician and recorded with a number of local and foreign artists such as The Travellers, The Busker, The New Victorians, Alexandra Alden (NL), Carrie Haber (UK), CUSP, Diedereik Eggenkamp Jazz trio, Super Sponge Trio, Pyramid Suns, Big Frog, No Bling Show, The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Jes Psaila Hinge Project, The Two Meter sessions amongst many others. In 2023 Luke graduated had graduated with distinction in an MFA in Digital Arts from the University of Malta where he explored the creation of a concept for a new musical instrument of percussion. Luke is currently formulating a proposal for doctoral research in drum kit studies and performance.
André Micallef

André Micallef Maltese self-taught electric bassist André Micallef launched his musical journey in the early 90s, captivating local audiences through dynamic performances with various bands. From 1996 to 2016, André served as the resident bass player for the esteemed Maltese non-profit organisation VOICES, a cornerstone in the country's extensive musical fundraising tradition.

During his tenure, André's musical prowess thrived as he collaborated with diverse artists and co-founded the band Beige. Their collective talent garnered recognition, with the band clinching the prestigious 'Bay Bands Trophy' at the 2009 Bay Music Awards. André's versatility extended to collaborations with Maltese-born singer-songwriter Carrie Haber, who is currently based in London.

In 2017, André embraced a new musical chapter, becoming an integral part of the Hinge Project. This cross-over jazz instrumental quartet, led by guitarist Jes Psaila, showcased original compositions that highlighted each band member's seasoned sound. André's skillful bass playing added a distinctive dimension, perfectly complementing Jes’s innovative creations.
Mark Attard

Mark Attard - Maltese pianist who started playing since the tender age of four. Having obtained major performance diplomas from Trinity and London College of Music, Mark developed a keen interest in jazz and furthered his studies both locally and overseas. Mark performed in several high profile concerts, and has featured in album recordings of local acclaimed jazz artists. His latest collaboration is with guitarist Jes Psaila and The Hinge Project where he features as keyboardist.